Coconut Joe's | 48 South River Road | Edgewater, MD 21037, United States | +1.4438376057

august 31st - matt mcconville 5-8PM 

September 1st - doug day 5-8PM
Legal Action  9:30PM
September 2nd - Matt McConville 2-5PM
Bamboo Chicken  9:30PM
September 3rd - Laura Farrell 2-5PM

​September 6th - Larry Gershon 5-8PM
September 7th - adam merkle  5-8PM
September 8th - Mark Desrocher 5-8PM
DJ Kenny 9:30PM  
September 9th- steel drums  3-6PM
Top Dead Center  9:30PM
September 10th - Mike Mallick  3-6PM

September 13th - Noelle & Jeff 5-8PM
September 14th - mook jones 5-8PM
September 15th - Slo Jim 5-8PM
Johnny Cash Tribute 9:30PM  
September 16th - Vibesmen  3-6PM
sons of the radio  9:30PM
September 17th - mike mallick 3-6PM​

September 20th - mark scott 5-8PM
September 21st - John Luskey 5-8PM
September 22nd - larry gershon 5-8PM
DJ kenny 9:30PM  
September 23rd - Steel Drums 3-6PM
raised on rock  9:30PM
September 24th - adam merkle 3-6PM

​September 27th - noelle & jeff 5-8PM
September 28th - matt mcconville 5-8PM
September 30th - doug day 5-8PM
DJ kleen 9:30PM  
September 31st - Mike Mallick  3-6PM
360 Band  9:30PM


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